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Posted by Administrator on 29-01-2013, Author : Tarwoto

Abstract Slow deep breathing (SDB) is a breathing technique with breathing frequency of less than 10 times per minute and a long phase of inhalation. Slow Deep Breathing exercises relaxation can increase the supply of oxygen to the brain and may decrease the metabolism of the brain so the brain needs of oxygen will decrease. The purpose of this study to determine the effect of SDB relaxation of headache in patients with acute mild head injury. The study design was quasi-experimental pre-post test with a control group of 21 respondents intervention group and control group. The intervention group is given SDB intervention on the first day 3 times and on the second day of rehearsals SDB 1 :: Read More

Posted by Administrator on 29-01-2013, Author : Lindawati, dkk

oleh : Lindawati, Bara Miradwiyana, SumiyatiAbstract This study aims to prove the hypothesis of a link predisposing factors, enabling  and reinforcing  in smoking behavior of junior high school students in South Jakarta. The method used is descriptive analysis is cross sectional. Kai-square test was used to analyze the relationship between predisposing factors, enabling and reinforcing in smoking behavior of junior high school students in South Jakarta. Used logistic regression test to see which independent variables most associated with smoking behavior of junior high school students in South Jakarta. Total study sample of 297 people junior high students from the 319 608 students who attend school in four secondary schools in the area of :: Read More

Posted by Administrator on 29-01-2013, Author : Sukasih, Toto Suharyanto

By : Sukasih & Toto SuharyantoABSTRACT   Patient Safety is a system where Hospital makes patient care become more savety. There are 3 steps for injury prevention at a patient to operate for that is Sign In phase, Time Out, Sign Out or referred as Surgical Safety Check List. purpose of research to know factors which is have contribution to Safety patient in RSPB operation room. This Research conducted in June 2011. Research design for this research was descriptive correlation, with aim to to know there is correlation between Sign In factor, Time Out and Sign Out to Safety patient. Technics sampel used total sampling for the sample of patient :: Read More

Posted by Administrator on 29-01-2013, Author : Mumpuni

oleh : Mumpuni ABSTRACTS   Less of sleep Conditions in long periods of time will caused prolong drowsiness, not able to concentrate for complicated task, limited in performing routine activity. This situation is sign of  sleep deprivation. In order to overcome the lack of ability sleep deprivation due to the above, in Japan already developed the brief nap method, its a short period of nap around 15-30 minutes after having lunch.  Takahashi and Arito (2000) based on their study concluded that brief nap  able to increase alertness and capability in logical reasoning which could happened in short period time; around two hours, because after that, perceptual ability will :: Read More

Posted by Administrator on 29-01-2013, Author : Ani Nuraeni, dkk

 By : Ani Nuraeni, dkk Abstract   Public health problem was the one of strategic issues in the country. Based on the former data, there were no informations about public health services demand and what faktors that related to this, especially in Puskesmas Cilandak Jakarta Selatan 2008. The aim of reserch were to know the public health demand form and faktors that related to its. The research was conducted using cross sectional design or a cross-sectional descriptive. Cilandak districts are divided into 5 (five) villages, each village was taken from the 20 respondents to the random sampling of each house number multiple of 10 so that the total sampling of 100 respondents and the research was :: Read More


Pelaksanaan Akreditasi di Poltekkes Kemenkes Jakarta 1 Jurusan Ortotik Prostetik

Pelaksanaan Akreditasi di Poltekkes Kemenkes Jakarta 1 Jurusan Ortotik Prostetik

Pelaksanaan akreditasi pada tanggal 11 hingga 14 Mei 2014 di . Read More

Pelepasan Wisudawan/wati angkatan ke-4

Pelepasan Wisudawan/wati angkatan ke-4

Pelepasan wisudawan/wati angkatan ke empat, yang diselenggarakan di Rempah Wangi . Read More

poltekkes jakarta 1




Perencanaan Persalinan Peserta Kelas Ibu Hamil

ABSTRAK Angka kematian ibu yang tinggi di indonesia menjadi prioritas untuk ditangani. Salah satu pesan kunci program Making Pregnancy Safer (MPS) atau kehamilan yang lebih aman (KLA) yang merupakan penajaman program Safe Motherhood, yaitu mendekatkan jangkauan pelayanan kesehatan kepada masyarakat. Tujuan . Read More

Risiko Kanker Payudara pada kehamilan pertama wanita usia diatas 30 tahun

ABSTRAK Insiden kanker payudara pada dekade terakhir memperlihatkan kecenderungan meningkat dan menjadi penyebab utama dari kematian  perempuan Indonesia. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengidentifikasi faktor-faktor risiko yang berhubungan dengan kejadian kanker payudara  pada pasien rawat jalan di Rumah Sakit Kanker Dharmais Jakarta. . Read More

Faktor pencegahan HIV/AIDS Pada Remaja Islam

ABSTRAK          Kesadaran kita  dihadapkan dengan gunung salju penyakit HIV/AIDS yang sangat manakutkan itu. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah pencegahan HIV/AIDS pada remaja terutama remaja Islam. Dengan menghubungkan pemahaman keislaman dengan pengetahuan siswa MTs Khasanah Kebajikan tentang HIV/AIDS. Penelitian ini mengunakan metode   . Read More