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Less of sleep Conditions in long periods of time will caused prolong drowsiness, not able to concentrate for complicated task, limited in performing routine activity. This situation is sign of  sleep deprivation. In order to overcome the lack of ability sleep deprivation due to the above, in Japan already developed the brief nap method, its a short period of nap around 15-30 minutes after having lunch.  Takahashi and Arito (2000) based on their study concluded that brief nap  able to increase alertness and capability in logical reasoning which could happened in short period time; around two hours, because after that, perceptual ability will decreased again. Mednick in 2002 conducting a research which aimed at determining  how long the effective nap when needed to recover from sleep deprivation. Its been concluded that 60 minutes period of nap are the most effective  time to repair the perceptual ability as long as on that period of time Slow Wave sleep (SWS) and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is occured, which is found in EEG recordings.


Keywords: Sleep deprivation, brief nap, perceptual ability. 

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