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Slow deep breathing (SDB) is a breathing technique with breathing frequency of less than 10 times per minute and a long phase of inhalation. Slow Deep Breathing exercises relaxation can increase the supply of oxygen to the brain and may decrease the metabolism of the brain so the brain needs of oxygen will decrease. The purpose of this study to determine the effect of SDB relaxation of headache in patients with acute mild head injury. The study design was quasi-experimental pre-post test with a control group of 21 respondents intervention group and control group. The intervention group is given SDB intervention on the first day 3 times and on the second day of rehearsals SDB 1 each for 15 minutes. The results obtained there are significant differences in mean intensity of headache pain in patients with acute mild head injury between the intervention group and control group after exercise SDB (p= 0.000; α = 0.05). There is a relationship of sex with pain intensity in patients with acute head injury light-headedness (p= 0.046), but there was no association between respondent’s age and ras with the intensity of acute headache in patients with mild head injury  (perspectively p = 0,079 and p=0,834; α = 0,05). Recommendation of this study is SDB can be applied as a nursing intervention with acute headache in patients with mild head injury.

Key words: acute headache, mild head injury, slow deep breathing 

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