Posted by Ka. Ur. Perencanaan dan Sistim Informasi on 24-10-2019, Author : Karmawati IA, DDS. MHA, Yulita Ita, DDS. MPH, Budiarti Rahaju, DDS.MPH on 09-09-2015



Tooth discoloration can occur for a variety of causes, both extrinsic and intrinsic. Staining of teeth from the outside (extrinsic stain) can be caused by chromogenic materials such as coffee, wine, cola, drinks or other foods, as well as nicotine from cigarettes. Strawberry was first discovered in Chilean-American, sweet and slightly sour, contains malic acid which acts as an active substance that will erode and remove stains on the tooth surface


Finding the influence of strawberries in bleaching or cleaning teeth with extrinsic stain, by conducting experiments on human teeth that have been extracted


The approach used in this study is a quasi experimental design time series. The sample used is composed of 32 teeth there were 16 upper and 16 lower anterior teeth. Data collected by smearing teeth with crushed strawberries allowed to stand for 5 minutes, then brushed and rinsed. This treatment is carried out for 5 consecutive days with a frequency of three times a day. Tooth discoloration is measured by using a shade guide, while changes in the thickness of the stain was observed visually


Results showed a 62.50% of the sample has changed 0-4 level, 25% changed 5-8 level,  and 12.50% changed 9-12 level. The thickness of the stain changed was obtained46.87% of the sample experienced a reduction in thickness into a score of 2, 40.63% to a score of 3, and 12:50% to a score of 1. Results of statistical analysis using Dependent T test showed changes in color and thickness of the stain before and after application of strawberries significantly with p-value 0.0001


Proven there was changes of tooth discoloration and or extrinsic stain thickness before and after treated with strawberries.


Keywords: extrinsic stain, strawberry, tooth color

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