Posted by Admin JKG on 16-05-2018, Author : Rikawarastuti dan Ngatemi on 16-05-2018

Using information and communications technologies (ICTs) as a tool to help students reach learning objectives, and to increase the success of students, also, technology use in the teaching–learning process is called technology integration (Usluel, Mumcu & Demiraslan, 2007). In schools, managers, teachers, students and parents are important stakeholders in technology integration, and they need to know and internalise the reasons why technology integration is being done. Among these stakeholders, teachers have great influence on student performance (Gibson & Dembo, 1984). Since instructional technology does not have a self-renewal feature, teachers are required to implement the curriculum in the classroom, to evaluate the learning process of the students and to integrate technology into their lessons to improve students’ learning (Kumar, Rose & D’Silva, 2008). Therefore, it is important that the professional development of teachers is prioritised and supported by the administration


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